Broadcasting, amplifiers, mixing tables, wireless stereo, digital audio, sound control, wireless microphones, wired microphones, miniature vibration sensors, acoustic measurement, accessories, modulation cabling, multipair cabling, HP cabling.


Floodlights, LED spotlights, HPL projectors, HMI projectors, Traditional projectors, lighting console, power blocks, DMX, Special effects, track lighting, security, feet & hook, accessories, multipair cabling, data cabling.

Simultaneous Translation

Translation booths, headsets, basic units, infrared receivers, infrared radiators, infrared transmitter, language distributor, intrepreters microphones, highly qualified, multilingual and experienced interpreteres


Image Management, video mapping, LED effects, plasma screen, LCD & LED screen, touchscreen, totem, visioconference, video conference cameras, audio control, data video, analog, video capturing, screen canvas, projectors, wiring, accessories.


Stage platforms, triangular bridges, square decks, ladder bridges, square bridge, lifting, base, hangs & cradle, chain hoists, scaffold tower and ladders, scenography, perches & tubes.


Stands, leather seating, staging, carpeting, leather bar stools, lamps, floating candles, opiums, wooden tables, cylandric tables, table dressing, counters, conference lecterns. lecterns with amplifier and built-in speakers, heating and air-conditioning.


Consultation & Study

We stage your events by creating bespoke concepts, starting by consultation and advice through brainstorming and admission of talent, all the way up to production and perfect coordination of operations.

Logistics Management

Committed to spotting and managing unusual logistics, while maintaining your specifications and in accordance with your requirements, we bring you accurate reflection, strategic advice and personalized follow-up.

On time & on budget

A versatile team of highly qualified individuals joining together artistic and technical expertise, very engaged in their work to bring unique events to life in a timely manner while adhering to your technical and budgetary requirements.

Constant Support

Active in our mission, we support you throughout the process and offer you the best solutions available. Our integrated teams are constantly by your side, guaranteeing innovative and original concepts and assuring an essential budget accuracy.

Experience and Expertise

Experts in technical production of events and video design, we assure you quality services. Our equipment of the most refined technology and our highly qualified technicians guarantee you a flowing completion of all your objectives.

Fields of Action

Congresses, conventions, seminars, product launches, festivals, press conferences, gala evenings, weddings, shows for the general public, live concerts, stand and animation of trade shows, television or film production...